Thursday, October 29, 2009

Twitter and libraries

1. Thank goodness! I can definitely see how libraries can use this tool to connect with the people who use twitter! This is the way to grab the attention of generation X and Y with the short sharp entries and links to more information. Some very imaginative stuff going on. In the New York Public library link I was impressed to see how they have used the upcoming world series to link to historic photographs that they have on Flickr.
"Bruiser last night in game 1. Sometimes a little historical perspective helps ease the pain #worldseries "
The library entries are colloquial and casual and because the words are limited, thought has to go into making them eyecatching. This differs from the general Twitter forum, just by the focus of each tweet which has a purpose rather than just aimless tweeting for the sake of it.

2. Are you Totally In Love with Jamie Fraser?! How great would it be to meet his creator

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