Thursday, October 29, 2009

online privacy and security

  • Absolutely these resources would be useful to share. Netsafe, being a NZ site is very useful and user friendly the way it is broken into the different age groups and subjects.
  • The information on security has absolute relevance to our customers, not just for their use of Pharos accounts etc. but for all online activity. As we increasingly give people the option to do online payments for fines and for other council payments, it is important that we have a knowledge of security options for our patrons. I would be recommending to internet users that they visit Netsafe and read up on all the issues involved with using the internet. Many people, although competent users of the internet can be quite naive about security and I would include myself in that. Most of us are well aware that there are dangers involved in using the internet, but not aware of just what exactly they are. That's why Netsafe is such a good site. It's relevant to us, it's user friendly and it explains security in plain language. Rather than trying to tell customers what they should know about security, I would be referring them to this site and telling them why.

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